Fast Beat Loop Racer tournament

          Fast Beat Loop Racer tournament, the final in China was held at In City Plaza, Changshu city, Jiangsu on July 28, 2012. There were dozens of elimination rounds taken place in different regions. All contestants have gone through the elimination rounds to the finals. Those best of the best demonstrated their driving skill and increased the fascinating of the game. That was why lots of reporters would come to the game to cover the event. The top five winners were qualified to join The Asia Tournament, 7 days free Formosa tour, and the cash prizes from RMB 20,000 to 1,000.

          Saint-Fun International, the organizer, put lots of efforts on Fast Beat Loop Racer tournament. Not only provided charming cash prizes, but also presented great shows, welcome party, celebration party, lucky draw, and one day tour after the competition etc.. The high prizes and the great fun of the game attracted contestants from all over the country, there were father and daughter from Shanghai, three contestants, from Liaoning, had to take nearly 30 hours' train to the site. Definitely, they all hoped to win the competition and earned a chance to join the Asia Tournament and a 7 days free tour to Taiwan.

        After whole day fighting, the top five winners came out. Champion was Liang, Zhi-li, from UU Baobei town, Guangzhou, Guangdong. The second place was Ma Zen from Huan Le Bin Fen, Xu Zhou. The third place was Lu, Shao-peng, from Dong Guan Dong Li 99, Guangdong. The fourth place was Liu, Jia-jun, from Ding Hao Le Yuan, Shanghai. The last one was Lee, Hai-bo, from Da Xi Yang Yu Le Cheng, Shanghai.

          During the celebration party, Saint-fun International awarded prizes and special statues to the top five winners. In addition, Chang, Zhe-yang, a 12 years old contestant from Tomsworld Lu Bao Branch, won the lucky draw and got himself an i-pad 2 tablet. The biggest prize, an i-phone 4S, was granted by Song Qiang, from Bin Fen Le Yuan, Xu Zhou.

          Besides the lucky draw, all the guests also enjoyed inspiring dance, Shui Gu Wu and performance of saxophone. The last song led all the participants to immerse the music of saxophone till the end.

          At the end of the party, the host announced a great news that cheered up all the players. There will be more chances for regional elimination game in China during September. More than ten contestants will earn qualifications for Asia Tournament and a free tour to Taiwan. All the contestants expressed that they cannot wait to win the game.

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